UberConference Apps
Get our UberConference App for iPhone and Android. Visit the Chrome web store for our installable desktop App, and our Chrome Extension which makes it super easy to start and schedule calls right from your browser.
Conferences On The Go
The UberConference app makes it easy to start and schedule conference calls on the go. Create instant calls with a click and create scheduled calls by simply selecting contacts and picking a meeting time. During the call, you'll see your conference in action, who's there and who's talking, just like on the web. Watch the video
Mobile Features
Instant Conferences
Choose participants, and they'll be dialed to join your conference right away.
Schedule Conferences
You can send invites for a scheduled conference, just like on the web.
See the Conference
The conference page shows you who's on the call and who's talking.
Conference Summaries
After your call, you'll get a summary with all the details of the call.
Call Recording
You can record your calls and listen to MP3s of them later.
Social Profiles
While on a call, see your participants' LinkedIn profiles and more.