Easy Conference Call Set up

Have ÜberConference send participants invites or call them at the right time.

Juggling schedules to a find a time that works for everyone is tricky enough without the extra hassle of sending out the conference call info and reminders. ÜberConference makes creating conferences simple, even in cases where you don’t have everyone’s contact info.

Click on the “Create Conference” button to set up a new conference call, and add the people you want to have in the call. If you import your contacts into ÜberConference, you can just type a few letters to bring up names from your contacts. Alternatively you can enter an email or phone number. When the conference is created, ÜberConference will send out the call information to participants’ email addresses and phones. With ÜberConference Pro, you can also have the system call everyone and automatically join them into the conference call.

When creating conferences, you can choose whether to have the call start right away or at a scheduled time in the future. For future conferences, everyone will also get reminder notifications a minute before the call. You can also add future conferences to your favorite calendar application with a click.

If you want to create conferences on the fly, you can give people your open PIN and start conferences just by dialing into your ÜberConference number. The open PIN is also helpful when you don’t know all the people that may be in the call, since it can be shared more broadly.