See who's talking

Always know who said what in conference calls

Ever wondered who said what on a conference call? Sometimes it can hard to keep voices straight on a call, especially if you are meeting with new people. With ÜberConference, you can eliminate the guesswork and know who is talking at any time. When people speak during a call, their name and image will be displayed at the top of the visual conference. It’s great for avoiding confusion around who said something, and it helps the conversation flow more naturally. It’s a lot easier to be more personable and say something like “Great point Jen” when you are sure of the person talking and their name.

ÜberConference makes this visual magic happen by linking the sound coming in over each phone line with a visual representation of each person, and shows the visual stream of the discussion at the top of the page. It is also helpful for cases like seeing where background noise may be coming from to mute callers in noisy areas.