To ease disruption from COVID-19, UberConference Free now allows longer call duration and up to 50 participants.
Craig Walker, CEO at Dialpad

Craig Walker

CEO at Dialpad

COVID-19 Update

We founded Dialpad and UberConference on the idea that business communications should be modern, mobile and should let everybody be as productive as possible -- whether sitting in an office or working remotely from anywhere in the world. These tools should also be equally available to the smallest businesses and to the largest Fortune 100 companies.

For almost a decade, we’ve focused on building a cloud-based business phone system for this modern, mobile workforce. We operated under the premise that work is “a thing you do” rather than "a place you go.” And with the right technology, we believed people would increasingly start working from anywhere.

None of us could have anticipated the radical unsettling and uncertain impacts of COVID-19. Business needs are shifting rapidly. Over the coming weeks, there will be challenges to businesses of all sizes, to the economy, and to our lives. For those needing to stay connected with colleagues during these challenging times, we want to help.

Effective immediately, and for the next two months, Dialpad Talk and UberConference are available free to any new individual, business or community that needs a better way to stay connected. You can literally have your business phone system, conferencing, and even your contact center up and running from anywhere in minutes. If you continue to use us after this crisis, that’s great. If not, that’s great too. There’s no obligation to continue, and we are happy knowing we could help you continue to be productive from anywhere during this COVID-19 outbreak.

Be safe and stay healthy.

Craig Walker

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Keep it under one roof

In just one click, invite customers to hop on a screen share with you right inside Messenger. Just select the UberConference icon to populate your meeting card and join details.

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Get to the heart of the matter

Sometimes a text doesn’t always get the point across. That’s why UberConference gives you the option to connect with voice or video, avoiding mixed signals and crossed wires.

Do more than just talk about it—show customers how with a meetings platform that supports HD quality screen sharing.

Follow up, faster

After each call, UberConference will automatically surface up meeting notes plus any key moments mentioned during your call (“I’ll follow up afterward..”) so you’re never left wondering what next steps are.

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Get our UberConference App for iPhone and Android. Visit the Chrome web store for our Chrome Extension which makes it super easy to start and schedule calls right from your browser.

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