Group Conference Call Invites

Invite whole groups to conferences with a click

Send invites to groups of contacts

You can create groups of contacts on the Contacts page by selecting people, clicking the “Create a Group” button, and giving the group a name. Then when you create a conference you can just enter the name of the group to add all the people in that group.

With either of these options you can always add and remove people before you set the time and send out the invites. For regular meetings where you have the same people at the same times, there is an Dialpad UberConference Business feature for setting up recurring conferences. Just click the “Recurring” box when creating a conference to have it happen at a regular interval.

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Dialpad UberConference Apps

Get our Dialpad UberConference App for iPhone and Android. Visit the Chrome web store for our Chrome Extension which makes it super easy to start and schedule calls right from your browser.

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