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UberConference makes it simple for you or anyone in your conference call to share Box files and documents with everyone else on the call. For free.

When you share Box files during a call, we add thumbnails of the files to the UberConference that all participants can can click to view the files. Each participant’s view is independent, so different people can view different files at the same time. At the end of the call, links to the notes and files are included in the call summaries for easy reference. See how it works in this video:

Box makes it incredibly easy to view and share all types of files and business documents, like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Acrobat files, right in the browser through its integration. The embedded Box widget has a number of smart control features built in so you can page through documents, rotate and resize images, and switch in and out of full screen view all within UberConference. There are also a number of additional features on their website anyone in the call can access after the call by clicking on the file link in the call summary. You can download a copy of the document, edit the file, leave comments, and share it in various ways, to name a few.

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