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As companies grow with international offices and remote employees, collaboration between coworkers and clients can become more of a challenge. Before, it was easy to drop by someone’s desk to ask them a quick question. Now, employees often have to send multiple emails and instant messages. This can create headaches in the process and delay deadlines.

Dialpad UberConference provides effortless web conference meetings, no matter where people are working from. Whether it’s two colleagues working on opposite coasts or a client in the UK, Dialpad UberConference makes it easy to collaborate.

How does Dialpad UberConference provide seamless conferences?

No PINs or downloads: Dialpad UberConference doesn’t require participants to remember long PINs or even download software—just conferencing that’s completely web-based. This means conferences can start right from your browser. With one click, participants can join their web conference meeting, making collaboration quick and simple.

International access: Dialpad UberConference is accessible in 50+ countries, which means colleagues can join conferences from all over the world. Employees in other countries outside the US never have to worry about poor call quality or being unable to join a meeting.

High call quality: Dialpad UberConference is built on WebRTC technology, which is reliable, adaptive and modern. Web conference meetings with Dialpad UberConference means high call quality, no matter where participants happen to be.

Integrations with Popular Apps: Many companies use popular productivity apps like G Suite and Office 365 for collaboration and organization. Dialpad UberConference’s web conference meetings work directly with these apps along with document sharing apps like Evernote and Dropbox. This means employees don’t have to worry about toggling between their web conference solution and other cloud apps they use. Dialpad UberConference integrates seamlessly and syncs all the information from your apps in one place.

We offer two Dialpad UberConference plans, Free and Business. Check out our website for a detailed feature breakdown. Choose the plan that best fits your needs, then click the Sign Up button to start today!


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Simple and easy to use, Dialpad UberConference provides all the features you need for efficient and effective online meetings. And the best part? It’s free.

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