Virtual Meeting

Dialpad UberConference is a great way to meet up with your coworkers or clients even if they aren’t physically in the same office. With the increasing number of companies with remote employees and multiple offices, web conferencing isn’t just a nice-to-have—it’s a necessity. Virtual meetings are crucial for organizations that need to collaborate quickly and cost-effectively.

Web conferencing software like Dialpad UberConference allows employees to get the answers they need faster. Although employees can use email or messaging platforms like Slack, sometimes a meeting helps to resolve issues faster. With a short virtual meeting, employees can get questions answered, decide on next steps and execute on projects without missing a beat.

With a growing remote workforce, getting entire teams together in one place can be challenging. The time and cost of traveling makes it difficult to connect with colleagues face to face on a regular basis. But with Dialpad UberConference, meeting virtually lets you execute on projects without leaving the space you usually work out of. Whether you’re in the headquarters of your company or working remotely, Dialpad UberConference enables you to collaborate with colleagues effortlessly.

Dialpad UberConference is also a great way meet virtually with external clients. Although meeting face to face with every client is ideal, more often than not, scheduling conflicts, lack of time, and even budget prevent it. By using Dialpad UberConference, organizations can connect with their clients in a more cost-effective and efficient way. Virtual meetings with clients provide a more personal touch, enable faster collaboration, and help organizations save money on travel costs. Dialpad UberConference creates seamless virtual meetings with:

  • No PINs or downloads to join
  • International access in over 50+ countries
  • Integrations with popular productivity apps like G Suite and O365
  • Reliable WebRTC technology for high call quality

We offer two plans for our Dialpad UberConference product, Free and Business. Check out our detailed feature breakdown of the two plans. Pick the plan best fits your needs, then click the Sign Up button to start today!


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Simple and easy to use, Dialpad UberConference provides all the features you need for efficient and effective online meetings. And the best part? It’s free.

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