Schedule a Conference Call

Dialpad UberConference’s seamless integrations with popular cloud apps like Google Calendar and Outlook makes it easy to schedule conference calls. Other conferencing solutions require organizers to remember long URLs and input them into calendar invites. This creates unnecessary time spent on scheduling conference calls. With Dialpad UberConference, creating a new calendar invite with your meeting details is as simple as one click.

So how does it work with Google Calendar?

With Dialpad UberConference’s direct integration with Google Calendar, scheduling a conference call is simple. Select a day and time for the call on Google Calendar. From there, you’ll see under the “Add Location” bar, a section that says “Add Dialpad UberConference to this Meeting.” By clicking on that text, you’ll automatically add your unique conference call ID. Then, when the invite is sent to all participants, they simply need to click “Join Dialpad UberConference” to jump into the meeting. This integration with Google Calendar not only saves the organizer time scheduling conference calls but saves participants time joining meetings as well.

How does it work with Outlook?

After you’ve downloaded the Dialpad UberConference Add-In, it will display in the mail and calendar view of Outlook. To schedule a call, click on the “New Email” button. A new meeting window will populate. Click on the Dialpad UberConference icon to add your meeting info to the email. With one click, your meeting invites will be able to join the conference call.

Dialpad UberConference’s Outlook and Google Calendar integrations save you time scheduling conference calls. With one click, participants also save time trying to remember PINs or downloading software.

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