Conference Bridge

The way we work is changing. With different office locations and remote employees in organizations large and small, collaboration can become tricky to do effectively. It becomes especially challenging when trying to work on large projects like product launches with multiple remote colleagues who need to be involved in the process. Email and Slack messaging can be helpful for one-off questions but for large projects or even company-wide presentations, it makes sense to have everyone involved to join a conference bridge to collaborate.

What is a conference bridge?

A conference bridge is a way for multiple people to join a single meeting. Software like Dialpad UberConference can serve as a conference bridge from your web browser. If you’re away from your computer, you can also join a conference bridge via a dial-in number.

Dialpad UberConference makes it easy for multiple participants to join a conference from their browser. Even on Dialpad UberConference’s Free package, up to 10 participants to join a meeting with just one click. Organizers can also enjoy unlimited number of conferences with this package so whenever a larger meeting occurs, organizers don’t need to worry about reaching a maximum amount of conferences. Their participants can efficiently join the conference bridge and start executing on their goals.

If you’re not by your computer when a conference call is about to start, Dialpad UberConference makes it easy for participants to join the conference bridge from a dial-in number. Depending on where the participant is located, they’ll enter in the dedicated dial-in number and join the meeting with a couple clicks. Dialpad UberConference also offers international numbers for over 50+ countries worldwide so participants can join the conversation no matter where they are.

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