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Screen sharing during business meetings has become one of the most important and used features of a conference call software. Showing meeting participants the slides during a presentation not only helps everyone get on the same page quickly, but can foster more engagement and collaboration as well. They see what you see. And that makes every meeting infinitely easier to follow along with.

Dialpad UberConference is one of the best screen share software options available, requiring only a web browser to carry out an efficient and collaborative online meeting. Instead of emailing a document to all participants, waiting for everyone to open their copy, and giving directions on when to move on from one page to the next, presenters can choose to share a screen, a file, or a tab quickly and easily with the click of one button on Dialpad UberConference.

Dialpad UberConference requires no downloads, is intuitive and easy to use, and provides different options for screen sharing. Sometimes when you have many applications open and don’t want to share your entire screen with other conference participants, you can selectively choose a file or a window to share instead. This can be advantageous during a sensitive meeting such as a sales call where desktop notifications like new emails or calendar events that pop-up shouldn’t been shown to other viewers.

Dialpad UberConference makes it incredibly easy to share your screen with simply the click of a button on your web app. You can then choose to share your entire desktop, an application, or just a file or Google Doc that you want your participants to view during the meeting. The simplicity of the process makes online meetings and collaboration efficient and effortless.

Join today and enjoy the best screen sharing software for free. We also offer a powerful business plan with enterprise conference features for a few dollars per month.


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